Stop & Grow Results

The superior effects of the Stop & Grow Line are confirmed by clinical studies and satisfied users.

Comparison of a client before and after the Stop & Grow application
University of Lübeck: +23 % HAIR GROWTH

The Stop&Grow PHT Complex has been evaluated by the renowned Hair Research Center at the University of Luebeck

The research confirms the superior effectiveness of Stop&Grow:

  • Up to 23 % more hair growth – equal to 14.000 visible new hair after 90 days
  • Up to 7 times stronger performance than the current most common hair growth ingredients
Dermatest Institute: “EXCELLENT”

A dermatological study at the Dermatest Institute, Münster rates the skin compatibility of Stop&Grow “Excellent”

Hairdreams Application Study: Client Score “A+”

In a user study 96% of participating Stop&Grow users confirm that their hair has become visibly fuller after 3 months. Overall they rate performance of the Stop&Grow therapy with “A+”

Testimonials from Clients/salons

Pictures and quotes from Stop&Grow users
Quotes from stylists who have used Stop&Grow in their salons

STOP & GROW Treatment

Hairdreams Stop&Grow also works for the treatment of fine and limp hair. It increases the productivity of the hair roots and thus allows hair to grow faster and thicker.